The Cult of Evernote?

Posted on 3/29/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

Are you part of the cult of Evernote? Do you use the popular organizing app to schedule meetings, save your favorite Web pages and track of your wedding anniversary date? Do you use the application to store images and videos for work or play? If so, you're far from alone. As a recent story by Bloomberg Businessweek shows, a growing number of tablet and computer users are gravitating to Evernote. And the fans of the software are anything but shy about their love for it.

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Email Etiquette for a Busy World

Posted on 3/27/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

How many e-mail messages do you send each day? If like most of us, dozens. Now, have you been doing something to make your recipients angry? There's actually etiquette involved with sending e-mail messages. And if you don't want to tick off your recipients, you would be wise to master the following tips for exercising good e-mail manners.

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Malware's Going Mobile: Protect Your Smartphone

Posted on 3/22/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in security tech trends

Do you think that malware is largely a problem for PCs and laptops, not your smartphone? Because most smartphone users get their apps from a centralized and safe source, such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store for Android, smartphone users in the US have, for the most part, been exempt from mobile malware attacks. Until now.

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Don't Be Led Astray When Researching on the Internet

Posted on 3/20/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Internet tech trends

You can learn about anything on the Internet. At least it would appear that way. The fact is, when you're doing research online, you're liable to stumble into information that looks true but in fact isn't. And that can scuttle your research easily. Luckily, Web site Lifehacker recently offered several tips on how to conduct more effective research on the Internet.

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Are You Ready to Buy Google's Goggles?

Posted on 3/15/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

Google Glass -- Google's augmented reality glasses -- are getting closer to showing up on the market. These computerized specs will permit wearers to surf the Internet, send and receive e-mail messages, chat with friends and take photos. Pretty nifty for a pair of glasses. But there was a time when glasses were used only for seeing things, which was an important job, too. Is Google's Glass project, then, truly necessary? Or is it a diversion from real life?

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Square for Small Business: A Match Made in Heaven?

Posted on 3/13/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

This remains a tough economy for the owners of small businesses. It's tough to attract customers, to convince them to buy your offerings, in an environment in which unemployment continues to be nearly 8 percent. The good news? Small business entrepreneurs do, thanks to improving technology, have a greater number of tools to help them attract and retain customers. One such tool? Square.

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What's Better: A Desktop E-mail Client or Web-based E-mail

Posted on 3/8/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Internet tech trends

It's an issue all computer users face: Would it be preferable to download a desktop e-mail client like Sparrow or Postbox or is Web-based e-mail like Gmail the best choice?

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Video Conferencing: Standards-Based Video Coding Drives Interoperability

Posted on 3/6/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Video conferencing tech trends

Open-standard coding is not anything new. Many of us are familiar with open-source software to drive customization, advancements, and overall adoption & connectivity. Manufacturers are also offering standards-based video coding, AKA: Scalable Video Coding (SVC), as a royalty-free software technology designed to extend the reach of video conferencing and encourage interoperability across the organization.

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Do You Know What Big Data Is? As a Business Owner, You Should

Posted on 3/1/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

Here's a quick quiz for the people who own small companies. Do you know what big data is? You've probably read about big data. You've probably even read that those businesses who study big data can use it to forge a more powerful relationship to customers and gain an edge over their rivals.

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