Almost There: Week 11 Results!!

Posted on 6/29/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in Biggest Loser Challenge

WEEK 12!!! That means this week’s weigh in was the last before the FINAL next week! It has been a Clash of Titans for the past few months and we have one more week to push!

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Help Your IT Department Help You

Posted on 6/25/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in technical support best practices

It's reassuring to know that whenever you have computer problems that your IT department is just a phone call or email away. However, communicating with IT personnel can be a bit intimidating. Fortunately, you can take some simple measures to ensure that your IT department clearly understands your issue.

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The Growing Popularity of Music-Streaming Services

Posted on 6/21/2012 by Chris Pizzo in best practices Internet

The Internet has evolved the way we get our news, watch movies, and pay our bills. It's not surprising, then, that it has also changed the way we listen to music. Today, the web is home to several top music-streaming services - online services that allow users to listen to their favorite music on their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

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Finally... Subscription-Based, High Resolution Video Conferencing

Posted on 6/15/2012 by michelle pizzo in Cisco Video conferencing

Up until recently, the price tag to obtain a high-quality video conferencing solution, like Cisco TelePresence, was rather astronomical, making it primarily an option for larger enterprise businesses, and leaving small and mid-sized businesses wondering “What about us?”. With the increasing need to reduce costs and limit business travel, many teams see video conferencing as the likely solution. But with the high costs involved to deploy an on-premise video conferencing system, what’s a small or mid-sized business to do?

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SOS Biggest Loser Challenge - Week 10

Posted on 6/15/2012 by michelle pizzo in Biggest Loser Challenge

Wha?! Week 10? Yes Mathmaticians, that puts us at a scant 3 weeks to go! The final weigh in is the 4th of July week, so let’s push this and show off the new bodies on the holiday!

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The Kinect: Changing Our View of Windows

Posted on 6/13/2012 by Chris Pizzo in Windows

Remember when Windows was considered cool? It's been a long time. However, the Kinect - a motion and voice-sensing device initially meant as a clever feature for the Xbox gaming console may help Windows regain its long-lost coolness quotient.

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Google Glasses: Help or Hinderance?

Posted on 6/11/2012 by michelle pizzo

We can already compute on the go, thanks to our tablet computers and smartphones. Nonetheless, Google isn't satisfied. The online search giant is in the midst of testing its Project Glass initiative, what you likely think of as Google glasses. Maybe you've seen coverage of Project Glass in the New York Times. You may even have seen the many photos of smiling folks sporting what looks like futuristic wrap-around Star Trek glasses.

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Google patents: Then and Now

Posted on 6/11/2012 by michelle pizzo

Have you ever been curious, in this country of innovation, what ideas are sprouting? Google has made it possible for you to explore this with Google Patents.

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SOS Biggest Loser Challenge - Week 8 and 9

Posted on 6/11/2012 by michelle pizzo in Biggest Loser Challenge

We are heading into the last few weeks of the challenge and it is still a close race. The $500 CASH PRIZE is anyone’s who wants to work for it! Here are the results for week 8 and 9.

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Linkedin Member Passwords Compromised

Posted on 6/7/2012 by michelle pizzo in security

Yesterday, reports announced that 6+ million Linkedin member passwords had been stolen. Read: "hacking risk"! Here's some more information we found out, as well as steps we recommend you take now, in order to protect yourself.

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