Microsoft is Currently Developing a Server

Posted on 1/29/2014 by Mikayla Jenkins in Microsoft tech trends

Microsoft is developing a server, which is currently unnamed, that will support Open Compute Project and other open source cloud computing movements.

During his keynote presentation at the Open Compute Project Summit V, Bill Laing, Microsoft's vice president of Windows Server and System Center Group Development, introduced a new, deep 12U rackable server that's different anything the company has produced.

The server features shared management controls, shared power supply, shared fans, a signal backplane, a central blade compute and JBOD modularity, with complete trays that can be removed and/or replaced.

According to Laing there are some major advantages to the server. "Compared to traditional servers, with this one users can expect to see 40 percent cost savings, 15 percent power usage gains, and 50 percent improvement in deployment and service times,” explained Laing.

The Microsoft server can be preassembled and requires only low-tech servicing, so anyone with a small amount of training can learn how to replace any of its key components.

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