TEAMSOS Renews its Specialization in Advanced Unified Technology

Posted on 2/17/2014 by Mikayla Jenkins in Cisco data center unified computing system

TEAMSOS has renewed its specialization in Cisco’s Advanced Unified Technology.

The renewal of our specialization in Unified Computing Technology remarks on our expertise with integrating and managing data center platforms that combine virtualization, computing, network, and storage access into one solid system.

There are many types of Cisco specializations. For example, other certifications that TEAMSOS holds include Advanced Collaboration Architecture, Advanced Switching and routing, and Express Foundation, among others. Categories differ in terms of specialization that range in depth of expertise, capabilities, and support for specific solution and technology architectures. This specialization is considered an optional advanced specialization that is not mandatory to attain a Cisco Premier Partner certification.

The application process required the training of an Account Manager (AM), Systems Engineer (SE), and Field Engineer (FE) in Cisco technology as well as the successful completion of various exams. Basically, the process involves multiple departments working towards the same goal of mastering Cisco technology. In other words, this is a task of teamwork and goes to show why we’ve gone to the length to name ourselves TEAMSOS. Teamwork is imperative for our operation and is essential to specialize in the skills necessary to serve our clients.

The time investment was well over 50 hours. The exams themselves are tailored to the three different positions, and require a deep understanding of Data Center Structure and Modularity, ability to design the Access Layer of a Data Center, as well as expertise in implementing, configuring, and managing the Cisco UCS B-Series. 

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