Ringing in the Holiday Cheer with Our Chief of Technology

Posted on 1/3/2014 by Adam Busch in Community

Here at TEAMSOS, we pride ourselves on the skills and abilities of our employees to insure quality assistance. This is how we operate.

However, sometimes we get more than we can bargain for with our employees. Take our Chief Technology Officer, Rob Thornton. If you’ve followed our blogs, you have probably read about his Agony Rides. Well, that’s not all he does in his spare time.

Rob and his family have been “ringing” for their church and they’ve been doing it for the last two years. This year, Rob, his wife, Michelle, and their three daughters Olivia, Emma, and Bethany, all participated in the Salvation Army “Bell Ringing” Fundraiser, complete with Santa hats and red smocks. 

For Rob, standing outside department stores asking for donations to such an honorable non-profit organization, provides a unique opportunity for his family. When asked about why he likes doing this, Rob said it allows a chance for his girls to “ask questions about why people need help and why some people give and others don’t.” He concluded that, “It’s a great time to talk about life, and all that we have to be thankful for.”

The donations raised by the Salvation Army go to a number of different charities that focus on homeless services, adult rehabilitation, hunger relief, and elderly services, among many more.

Happy New Year from TEAMSOS!

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