Don't Be Led Astray When Researching on the Internet

Posted on 3/20/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Internet tech trends

You can learn about anything on the Internet. At least it would appear that way. The fact is, when you're doing research online, you're liable to stumble into information that looks true but in fact isn't. And that can scuttle your research easily. Luckily, Web site Lifehacker recently offered several tips on how to conduct more effective research on the Internet.

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What's Better: A Desktop E-mail Client or Web-based E-mail

Posted on 3/8/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Internet tech trends

It's an issue all computer users face: Would it be preferable to download a desktop e-mail client like Sparrow or Postbox or is Web-based e-mail like Gmail the best choice?

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Browser Choice and Your Personality

Posted on 8/3/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in Internet

We all browse the web today. But we don't all use the same browser. There are plenty of choices in existence - from the traditional Explorer to Firefox, Opera and Chrome. But what does your choice of browser say about you? A good deal, according to a popular online quiz on

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The Growing Popularity of Music-Streaming Services

Posted on 6/21/2012 by Chris Pizzo in best practices Internet

The Internet has evolved the way we get our news, watch movies, and pay our bills. It's not surprising, then, that it has also changed the way we listen to music. Today, the web is home to several top music-streaming services - online services that allow users to listen to their favorite music on their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

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