Top Call Center Trends for Achieving a Competitive Advantage: Trend 4--WFO Gains Relevance and Importance

Posted on 5/30/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in contact center tech trends cloud Video conferencing

For our fourth blog in our call center tech trends series we'll shift our attention to WFO (Work Force Optimization).

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Video Conferencing: Standards-Based Video Coding Drives Interoperability

Posted on 3/6/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Video conferencing tech trends

Open-standard coding is not anything new. Many of us are familiar with open-source software to drive customization, advancements, and overall adoption & connectivity. Manufacturers are also offering standards-based video coding, AKA: Scalable Video Coding (SVC), as a royalty-free software technology designed to extend the reach of video conferencing and encourage interoperability across the organization.

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Coming Soon: Microsoft Lync-Skype Connectivity

Posted on 2/28/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Microsoft unified communications Video conferencing

Lync-Skype Connectivity for presence, IM and voice will be available to all Lync users by June 2013.

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SOS Now Offering Polycom

Posted on 12/7/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in unified communications Video conferencing

We're proud to officially add another valuable brand to our wheelhouse of quality products: Polycom! As experts in Unified Communications and advanced collaboration solutions, it only makes sense that we sell one of the most popular and highest quality products on the market today.

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Finally... Subscription-Based, High Resolution Video Conferencing

Posted on 6/15/2012 by michelle pizzo in Cisco Video conferencing

Up until recently, the price tag to obtain a high-quality video conferencing solution, like Cisco TelePresence, was rather astronomical, making it primarily an option for larger enterprise businesses, and leaving small and mid-sized businesses wondering “What about us?”. With the increasing need to reduce costs and limit business travel, many teams see video conferencing as the likely solution. But with the high costs involved to deploy an on-premise video conferencing system, what’s a small or mid-sized business to do?

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Videoconferencing vs. Business Travel

Posted on 5/24/2012 by michelle pizzo in Video conferencing

There aren’t many people who look forward to going on business trips. They're an inconvenience and expensive for the company. Business travelers often feel rushed, which results in insufficient sleep and poor dietary habits, which exacerbates stress. Not to mention dealing with Airports and long-term parking. As a result, many businesses decide to use videoconferencing if possible. But do you think that business travel is on its way out? Will Videoconferencing replace it altogether?

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