Looking for an Operating System? Windows is Still the Best

Posted on 6/7/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Windows tech trends Microsoft

Microsoft has taken its share of hits lately about Windows 8, the newest version of its long-running Windows operating system. Nevertheless, there's something a lot of critics are leaving out with regards to this much-maligned operating system: Despite its flaws, it actually works pretty well.

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Get the Most Out of Windows 8 Without Buying a New Machine

Posted on 2/1/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Microsoft Windows tech trends

Windows 8 represents an impressive change for Microsoft's venerable operating system. It's designed to work not just with keyboard and mouse but also with a touchscreen. However, many users who upgrade to the new operating system will not be running Windows 8 with a touch screen. They'll be dependent upon older computers that operate the old-fashioned way, with keyboard and mouse controls. Also, users that run Windows 8 only on tablets are also not receiving the full Windows 8 experience. There are some functions that just run better with mouse and keyboard control. That does not mean, though, that people who rely either on tablets or traditional computers won't be able to benefit from the many features that are part of the new operating system. They can. They only need to choose the right peripherals.

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Windows 8 Transition Tips

Posted on 1/11/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in Microsoft Windows

The Windows 8 operating system has had a lot of positive reviews. It has a wide range of features that were not present in previous versions. So if you are ready to upgrade, there are several steps you should take to make sure it goes smoothly.

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Tips to Get the Most Out of Windows 7

Posted on 11/29/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in Microsoft Windows tech trends

Not quite prepared to upgrade your operating system from Windows 7? No problem, Windows 7 is fairly efficient. Here are some tips to take advantage of it before you take the plunge into another OS.

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Windows 8: A Few Neat Features

Posted on 11/29/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends Microsoft Windows

Much of the tech press has reported about Windows 8, even though it has only recently come out. This is great for you, as you can learn a little of the ins and outs before you use it.

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Social Network Integration in Upcoming Version of Microsoft Office

Posted on 7/27/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in Windows social media Microsoft

The new version of Microsoft Office will support integration with a popular social networking website. The Microsoft experts here at SOS are excited about all the possibilities this new feature will bring our clients.

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Virtual Machine VPN: Windows XP Mode

Posted on 7/27/2012 by Mikayla Jenkins in technical support tech tip of month Windows

The Problem: You’re an engineer and you need to connect to a customer’s network, but maybe they require connectivity over VPN and their firewall restricts access to outside resources. Or, they may use the same IP subnet as your own internal network, restricting you from accessing your own local resources. My friends, there is an easy solution for this.

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The Kinect: Changing Our View of Windows

Posted on 6/13/2012 by Chris Pizzo in Windows

Remember when Windows was considered cool? It's been a long time. However, the Kinect - a motion and voice-sensing device initially meant as a clever feature for the Xbox gaming console may help Windows regain its long-lost coolness quotient.

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Adjusting Startup Time for Windows Services

Posted on 4/24/2012 by michelle pizzo in technical support tech tip of month Windows

Hello again! A few of you might have come across a common problem whereby Windows services fail to start, even though they may be set to “Automatic”. After your review of the Windows event logs, you find an error indicating this is a result of the services not starting in a timely fashion. Here are some easy troubleshooting tips that should help you resolve this.

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Troubleshooting Windows Update in Win7

Posted on 3/7/2012 by michelle pizzo in technical support tech tip of month Windows

Often times Windows Update will fail and it can be a pain to troubleshoot. If a simple reboot does not fix the issue you may be able to find a solution online at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/906602. If you have little success, you can try clearing out your local update repository. Files in your local repository can get corrupted and sometimes it is best to start out fresh. Follow these steps and cross your fingers!

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