Top Call Center Trends for Achieving a Competitive Advantage: Trend 2--Mobile Customer Service

Posted on 5/16/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in contact center tech trends

Our 7 part weekly blog series focusing on the top contact center tech trends continues with our 2nd trend, Mobile Customer Service.

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These Tech Trends Will Change Your Business This Year

Posted on 5/15/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

Remember when you sent out faxes to your clients every day? Today, that fax machine, if your office still has one, is more than likely covered with dust. That's because business technology is constantly changing. Businesses must constantly adapt to these changes if they want to thrive.

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Not All Computer Monitors are the Same

Posted on 5/10/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

It's time for you to purchase a new LCD computer monitor. Your first notion is to go right down to the local electronics or department store to get the biggest monitor you can locate at the most affordable price. That seems like a good idea. But there's in fact more to choosing a computer monitor than price and size.

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Is Your Phone's Passcode Really Safe?

Posted on 5/8/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in security tech trends

Think your smart phone is protected simply because you make use of a passcode to stop others from logging onto its home screen? You better think again.

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Top Call Center Trends for Achieving a Competitive Advantage: Trend 1-Major Move to the Cloud

Posted on 5/7/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in contact center cloud tech trends

Meeting and exceeding customers’ service expectations can serve as the deciding factor in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge. However, with customer expectations so high, contact centers have to proactively seek out ways to improve the service experience for their customers—often while keeping operating costs in check. Frequently, technology provides a way to take your customer service to the next level. Staying ahead of the curve on the latest contact center tech trends may be just the thing to optimize the efficacy and effectiveness of your center.

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Don't Hurt Your Peepers at the Workplace

Posted on 5/3/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in tech trends

Does your job require you to stare at a computer screen for hours at a stretch? If so, eyestrain may become a serious problem. A newly released story by the everon small-business blog says that workers plugged into their computers can face a host of problems, everything from watery eyes to headaches, increased sensitivity to light and difficulty focusing.

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Is Privacy Dead? It Doesn't have to be

Posted on 5/1/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in security tech trends

Do you have nightmares of your tablet falling into the hands of thieves? Maybe you worry that a hacker will break into your online bank account. These fears are warranted. It's increasingly challenging for all of us to guard our privacy in today's Internet age. But, there's good news.

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Featured Event: Making the Business Case for Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Posted on 4/26/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in contact center cloud

Today, many contact centers are opting for cloud-based, rather than premise-based, solutions. In fact, the growth of the cloud contact center is nearly ten times that of the premise-based sector. But just because shifting to the cloud is one of the most talked about tech trends for contact centers, doesn’t automatically mean that a move to the cloud makes sense for your business. Ultimately, you have to consider if the benefits of the cloud justify a shift for your business.

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Morning the Death of Google Reader

Posted on 4/25/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in cloud tech trends

This summer, July 1 to be exact, the Google Reader RSS service will go away. Google is eliminating it, citing a declining user base. This is bad news for fans of the RSS service. But it's also a learning point: Consumers ought to realize that any of their most favorite cloud-based services can cease to exist. Don't expect Google Reader to be the last one to do so.

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How to Erase All Those Saved Passwords

Posted on 4/19/2013 by Mikayla Jenkins in security

We all save passwords and usernames on our web browsers. It's a way to quickly access the membership-based Web sites that we visit daily. Nevertheless, there's a security risk to this. If someone takes your laptop, this thief will have little trouble accessing your favorite sites. And if you've saved the password and username combination for your online bank account, then you might be in some very serious trouble.

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