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Featured Case Study

"The TEAMSOS engineering team did a phenomenal job stepping in and understanding exactly what we were trying to accomplish."

Thunder Valley Casino Resort's IT team intimately knows the risks and rewards of gambling when it comes to gaming. However, when it came to a recent infrastructure upgrade, IT management chose the right team and technology to reduce risk and increase reward. Read full case study here>>



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TEAMSOS Acknowledged in CRN’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list 

We’re proud to announce that TEAMSOS has been named in CRN’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list as one of the MSP Pioneer 250.  Click here to learn more>>




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Live Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Contact Center and Enterprise Teams

Join us on Tuesday, March 25th for a live webcast about how contact centers are bridging the information gap with their enterprise teams. With real-time information flowing seamlessly from one department to another, you can improve customer experience and build brand loyalty.  Click here to register >>



PC Telephony Integration

"We were looking for a contact center, as we needed to improve our service levels - they weren't acceptable for our clients. And, We wanted to do more than just upgrade our IVR — we wanted to be Web-enabled. We wanted to be able to manage data and voice communications together. We also had a need to centralize some of our procedures in central credit. [We hired SOS and now] with the flexibility that IP provides, there's almost an endless list of potential benefits in cost savings and service."
Use computer telephony integration to beat the competition 


When companies integrate communications with core business applications, they are positioned to out-service the competition and know their customer more intimately. As a result, they can increase sales, find revenue opportunities that may have slipped through the cracks before, and retain customers at a higher rate.
With computer telephony integration, knowledge is power
Converging voice, data and your business processes into one system can optimize contact center performance, retain profitable customers and capture revenue opportunities. Plus, contact center managers are finding that one converged system gives their agents access to valuable information to up-sell, cross-sell, and personalize services for recurring revenue opportunities.

Integrating contact center computer and telephone systems with back-end databases provides a better picture of contact center activity. This deeper insight into activity allows you to map contact center performance to your organization’s objectives for maximum profitability.

CTI means time and dollar savings 


Forrester Research notes that by automating several forecasting and scheduling tasks – for example, by integrating voice and data networks with Interactive Voice Recognition (IVRs) and business intelligence apps – organizations can reduce by at least 25% their time invested in manually performing managerial tasks.

In fact, IP Telephony cost of ownership over five years is approximately 65% less than traditional PBX systems. 

Call center technology that every business can profit from 


When the customer service function operates well, it improves contact center operations. With integration, contact center managers are enhancing customer service and helping their agents respond to incoming calls, regardless of the location of the caller or the agent. Integration allows contact centers to provide quality customer service by using the system to move calls around to any physical location without the additional expense.

Integration of the data and voice network with your back-end databases balances various work factors such as optimal staff levels, anticipated workloads, campaign timetables, resource availability, and technological capability.

SOS is the business application integration expert 


SOS empowers clients to manage business communications needs and streamline business intelligence, not just the technical issues surrounding telephony. We can do this because, instead of striving to deliver broad VoIP solutions that try to be all things to all organizations — and in contrast to small networking companies with no telephony services or one solution that they try to apply to any problem — we are tightly focused on the advanced communications needs of businesses.

SOS devotes a team of full time, on-staff engineers to achieve integrated voice and data networks. We provide you with a single senior point of contact to ensure your turnkey solution is implemented. SOS's approach ensures continuity, knowledge, and consistency in your experience throughout our working relationship.