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"We needed to improve our service levels - they weren't acceptable for our clients. And, we wanted to do more than just upgrade our IVR — we wanted to be web-enabled. We wanted to be able to manage data and voice communications together. We also needed to centralize some of our procedures. [We hired SOS and now] with the flexibility that IP provides, there's almost an endless list of potential benefits in cost savings and service."


Helping Businesses of All Sizes Integrate the Best Available Call Center Technology

Seeking a call center technology expert to help your company integrate the call center with your customer relationships? SOS specializes in serving call centers, where centralized control is key to business operations and companies stand to lose business if their customer-facing contact centers are down or if their knowledge workers are not able to use their phones.

Today, it's more affordable than ever to implement advanced multi-media technology in your call center. Solutions like web chat, social media integration, automated dialer and more can help drive down hard costs, improve customer engagement, and increase profits. Plus, with solutions for remote agent workforce, your agent turnover worries are over!


Finding Hard Cost Savings for Call Centers

Whether you're looking to increase customer satisfaction, drive profits, identify new revenue streams, or all of the above... SOS can help. For years, SOS has helped contact centers at some of the leading service and consumer organizations, including local businesses, to cut hard costs, drive revenue and increase profitability.

Often, solutions can leverage existing investments (See Microsoft Lync integration with existing PBX). SOS call center experts consult with you to develop a communications strategy that makes sense for your business and is rooted in 100% ROI, typically realized in 2-12 months.

Advanced Call Center Solutions

SOS is the only advanced communications solution provider with products and services based on a proven methodology, with over a decade of customer success, enabling organizations to maximum their investment, reduce costs, and deliver improved service to their end users. Learn more about leveraging advanced technologies, including web chat, social media integration, cloud-based services and more...

Improving Call Center Performance

SOS enables call centers to reduce IT management costs by dramatically increasing efficiency over current methods. Take for example a 66-seat call center that realized a cost avoidance of $600,000 the first year, on a $100,000 telephony investment. Now this 66-seat call center has reduced their customer service response time from 4 to 5 days to 1 hour or less.

Forrester Research notes that by automating several forecasting and scheduling tasks (by integrating voice and data networks with IVRs and business intelligence apps), it is generally expected that at least 25% of administrative and managerial time currently devoted to the manual performance of these tasks can be saved. SOS helps call center clients increase capability and maintain high customer service standards, while containing — and often reducing — costs.

Next Steps

Assessment: Get help comparing contact center solutions

With a complimentary, no-obligation needs assessment from SOS, you receive quick free expert advice on your options and help calculating how much and how soon your investment will pay off. To get one, email us or call us at 888-336-7671.



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