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"This IP Telephony implementation easily paid for itself within 12 months. We literally re-deploy our existing group without moving the customer service reps anywhere. Our company is able to grow and not add labor [costs] to the growth."

Comprehensive network assessment for IP telephony readiness...

Planning your migration path to IP telephony? Almost every network needs to be modified in some way before IP telephony will work. SOS collaborates with you to assess your business needs and network infrastructure, including network topology, bandwidth, switching and routing infrastructure, and security. The results enable us to recommend the best solution, predict project budget and timeline, and provide other vendor-neutral, cost-conscious guidance.

Business VoIP and IP telephony expertise...

With an integrated advanced communications solution, you can customize your voice and data systems to do exactly what you want. For example, you can have an auto attendant, speech recognition with interactive voice response, call center functions, and simple Web-based management tools.

By integrating common applications with your telephony system, you enable staff — wherever they are — to work smarter. And, you enable your firm to automate business processes and simplify technology maintenance and support. The result is a better customer experience, improved collaboration between team members, and increased capacity to grow.

As we work with you to design a custom system, we help you weigh the value of a range of messaging options such as voicemail, unified messaging, computer telephony integration (CTI) & screen pops, interactive voice response (IVR), and network faxing.

Business telephony services...

SOS's business telephony services enable your organization to simplify communications, enhance productivity, and leverage real-time business intelligence. Often deployed over a single Internet Protocol platform, SOS's solutions bridge the gap between legacy phone/data services and sophisticated telephony systems. Through SOS, clients can gain powerful business VoIP phone systems integrating Cisco CallManager; Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center; NEC; or other offerings.

SOS ServiceNet Managed PBX Solution...

The SOS ServiceNet Managed PBX Solution is designed to make your technology investment decision easier.

  • It is a 'no risk' option because all support services are included in one monthly price; additional equipment and features can be added at a low monthly cost.
  • You gain the stability of a traditional PBX with IP Telephony capabilities; you don't lock yourself into old technology.
  • You can apply 65% of your payments to the purchase of your Managed PBX if you choose to keep it.
  • Exercising the Buyout option after 24 months equals the support and maintenance you would have paid if you just purchased a system.
  • You may apply up to 65% of your payments to a new system if you decide to upgrade within 3 years.
Business VoIP phone systems...

When phone calls are transmitted as data, monthly phone bills go down and ease of communication goes up. Cisco, Interactive Intelligence, and NEC, among others, recommend SOS as a service provider to manage the voice and data services traveling over your communications network.

Unified messaging solutions...

Unified messaging provides users with a single point of access for all types and modes of communications. With it users can read, listen, and respond to email during their commute — along with faxes and voicemail. The time saved managing messages in a single inbox saves on average $750 per user per year.

Fax over IP...

Fax usage is increasing. Save money, increase productivity, and increase the legibility of the information you receive, by turning faxes into electronic communications. When faxes are received in an inbox versus on paper, workers can forward them by email, access them anywhere anytime, and easily retrieve documents later. The simple change from paper to electronic fax communications offers a huge increase in productivity and tremendous cost savings for many organizations.

IVR solutions...

It is important for both small and midsize businesses to tap the power of interactive voice response, which enables a caller to use a touch-tone telephone to enter or retrieve information from a database without human interaction. IVR solutions enable a company to automatically gather information (for example, for surveys), disseminate critical information (for example, highway closures), and access account information. IVR solutions can also automate bill payment and collection processes. SOS has created large-scale IVR applications for city and state agencies as well as corporate clients.

Data communications networking...

To create a converged communications environment, your corporate network needs to be reliable, secure, scalable, and accessible to team members in various locations. For more than a decade, SOS has provided state of the art network design to leading small and midsize businesses. We base network design on leading manufacturers such as Cisco and Microsoft, with whom we have go-to partner status and elite certifications.

Telephone systems...

Our consulting on telephone systems includes identifying your business needs; helping you secure the right type of circuits if necessary; implementing the systems; testing and troubleshooting; configuring call flow; training users; and developing documentation. We provide telephone system options to fit your budget. For example, an NEC IPK Key System may be the best fit for a smaller office; while an NEC 2000 Univerge may be best for a firm with larger user counts. SOS's end-to-end service is designed to ensure a perfect fit between your needs and your telephone system's capabilities. We even have a managed telephone system offering which includes all service, including moves, adds, and changes, and gives buy back credits towards new systems in the future. Get what you need today, with the assurance that you can "trade up" to new technology as you need it.

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